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Your being on my website is a compliment to me and I appreciate your taking the time to look at this collection of my work. Being able to photograph nature is a reward which I am thankful for and hopefully my images show my gratitude.
There is also a collection of photographs taken from my work, showing sports, personalities, and feature pictures of days gone bye.
My nature images are for sale for those who would like to purchase them for their personal use.
Welcome to my website.

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About me..... I like to think of my career, almost 30 years with The Associated Press as a photographer and Florida Photo Editor and before that, 13 years with United Press International as a photographer, as having a front row in history. The world was my palette and my cameras were my brushes. I'd like to think that I painted a pretty picture of events that most people would have to pay to attend. Some of those events were not pretty or cheerful but, to be chosen to record those events for history was an honor. To cover a story and see your images played on the front of your daily newspapers was visable testimoney that you did your job right as a photographer. It filled a creative need and an historical need.

I've retired from The Associated Press but still continue to shoot sports and news stories as a freelancer. Most of my time now is mostly spent shooting photos of nature. Whether I'm using a macro lens or a 600mm lens, I find special comfort in being able to capture the beauty in our enviorment.

I've used Nikon equipment for most of my career just because at the time it was my camera of choice. I could have chosen Canon or Pentax, which I'm sure would have given me the same images I've captured in this website. I feel that just getting to know your equipment is half of the success in creating good photographs.

Our enviorment is fast disappearing and being able to share natures beauty through the eyes of the camera is one way to make people aware of our need for conservation. --phil sandlin

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